Speech Recognition and IVR Application Development

Rarely does a ‘one size fits all’ approach satisfy the specific needs of an organisation; however, whilst all IVR applications are unique there are, of course, applications with a common purpose, such as IVR Surveys, ID&V, Payments, Parcel Tracking, Balance Transfers, Meter Readings etc. ICR successfully delivers these IVR applications, and more, cost effectively by drawing on its extensive knowledge and experience of IVR application development and design, and providing applications free from licence fees.

Modern IVR application development techniques and the convergence of telephony and web technologies provide more flexibility and options for end-to-end solution design; ICR develops applictions using a combination of VXML IVR appliction development environments and Java. We work with our customers to understand their technical objectives and preferences, and work within those parameters when considering matters such as software architecture, future platform migrations, proprietary features versus platform lock-in, IVR application re-usability and future expansion of functions.

Demonstration 1

IVR Survey Demonstration

This touch-tone demonstration will take you through a simple IVR survey and highlights the opportunity for incorporating a sales option should it be appropriate for your organisation.

You will be asked to respond to a series of questions using the keys on your telephone keypad and you will also be invited to leave free speech feedback.

To begin the demonstration, dial +44 (0)1274 701460.

Demonstration 2

Playable Example

This recorded scenario focuses on the utilities industry, demonstrating our ability to make automated outbound calls to customers to ask for and then capture a meter reading. The customer has the option of providing the meter reading right away or requesting an automated call-back 15 minutes later. It also demonstrates our ability to integrate Speech Recognition and IVR applications with SMS.

Click the icon to listen to the example:  audio-icon.gif