AVAYA IVR Applications

This American Credit Union has assets exceeding $5 billion and a membership of over 350,000. In previous years it had favoured outsourcing its IVR and Speech Recognition self-service functions to a hosting provider but in 2015 it decided it would be beneficial to bring the services in-house.

Bringing the services in house meant re-writing the existing Speech Recognition applications for their AVAYA Experience Portal platform which was being implemented as part of the same program;  the credit union also  took the application re-write as an opportunity to address user experience issues and significantly improve the customer experience..

ICR was asked to re-write the applications using AVAYA orchestration designer in conjunction with a Partner who took responsibility for the application design and speech grammar writing.

Often, in similar circumstances, ICR would usually recommend incorporating a Java middleware service tier to sit between the IVR presentation layer and back end systems; however, in this case the end user requested that they maintain as much in house ownership of development and future support and maintenance as was feasible; due to the lack of in-house Java skills we therefore integrated the IVR applications with their existing middleware services. For this to be possible ICR worked closely with the client to revise the existing middleware so that it was able to be consumed by the IVR.

ICR also ran workshops for the client to discuss and implement a structured approach to Management Information for on-going application monitoring and reporting, It also ran workshops for knowledge transfer surrounding the IVR development so they may be able to undertake more development work themselves in the future.

The project was a great success and phase 1 of the program was delivered as required in 2016; phases 2 and 3 are in the pipeline to add further self-service functionality to its telephony channel and tune the applications.  

The functions provided by the phase 1 deployment include :

  • Checking account
  • Mortgage account
  • Savings account
  • Caller ID&V
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Play Last Transactions and Balance
  • Credit card functions
  • Loans
  • Lost and Stolen