This large specialist financing organisation services millions of customers via a number of AVAYA MPS applications. Self-service is a key element of the business’ strategy for efficiently managing its customer needs and costs.

For its AVAYA MPS IVR and Nuance Speech Recognition applications the organisation uses a combination of in-house expertise and ICR's design and development team. ICR has worked on multiple initiatives to increase call maturity within the Speech Recognition environment and enable the organisation to grow whilst maintaining and even reducing costs. Services include:

  • AVAYA MPS application and Speech Recognition application design
  • IVR and Speech Recognition application development
  • Extending the functionality of existing IVR and Speech recognition applications
  • Re-writing Speech Recognition grammars and grammar tuning following Nuance software upgrade.
  • Reviewing internal recommendations for improving the existing IVR applications.
  • Tuning Speech Recognition applications using best practice
  • Replicating application functionality across multiple brands

The Speech driven customer identification and verification (ID&V) function now achieves + 91% maturity within the AVAYA MPS IVR before moving on to various other self-serve functions; volumes of IVR payments have doubled and transfers to agents have been reduced by approximately 10%

A key feature of our relationship with this client is that following delivery of applications by ICR we then provide a comprehensive application support service.