Developing & Hosting Speech Recognition Solutions for Equiniti

Speech Recognition solutions are developed by ICR for on premise systems and our hosting facilities. The Speech Recognition solutions we provide to Equiniti are a great example of ICR’s hosted solutions which integrate Speech Recognition, IVR and SMS.

Our hosted Speech Recognition solutions are a key delivery channel for Equiniti’s business which include a wide range of share registrar services to major businesses. Typically share schemes' subscription and maturity phases run for a short period of time, have a large target audience, and are of significant financial importance to both the company, and subscriber.

ICR works closely with Equiniti to design the optimum combination of automated services for each scheme. In addition to the Speech Recognition Solutions we also provide a full data management and reporting service to ensure Equiniti and its customers can monitor each scheme’s progress on a daily basis.

The approach has been hugely successful, and has assisted Equiniti in staying at the forefront of this market delivering many successful campaigns to major corporations across Europe.