How Natural Language Speech Recognition can reduce mis-routed calls

How Natural Language Speech Recognition can reduce mis-routed calls

By using Natural Language Speech Recognition, or 'Say Anything' many companies could reduce the high costs associated with mis-routed calls and increase the range of automated customer interactions without adding ever increasing layers of menus to their IVR applications.

The ability to use natural language speech recognition to elucidate caller needs for call routing is a powerful and proven technique; however, it does not necessarily replace the tried and tested automation techniques of touch-tone input, and often the two can be combined to maximise the benefits of automated services.

ICR has a powerful, end-to-end approach which starts by enabling our customers to evaluate if and how Natural Language can help them meet their business objectives, and then implement a low risk cost effective solution.

Key features of the approach are rapid implementation, compatibility with existing IVR platforms, incremental roll-out of functions, and an absence of expensive, proprietary tools and systems. The solution can also be provided as a managed service.

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