Voice Bots for the Contact Centre

Voice Bots for the Contact Centre

It wasn’t too long ago that people were predicting that call volumes into the contact centre would fall off a cliff as customers switched channels to mobile apps, chat, social media etc. But now, just a few years on, much of the talk is centred on the need for a ‘voice bot’ to greet customers and service their needs when they call.

The need for well-designed voice bots in the contact centre has increased as organisations recognise that call volumes are not reducing to the levels predicted through customers switching to digital channels, and customer acceptance, and expectation, of voice bots is much greater than it once was.

The convenience of mobile phones and voice searches coupled with the popularity of speech driven home assistants may be helping to drive call volumes into the contact centre rather than reduce them. The success of home and in-car speech devices has normalised conversations with machines, and the success of these devices in recognising and interpreting what is being said has raised customer expectations for automated voice interactions in the telephony channel.

To be clear, a voice bot in the contact centre is essentially a Speech Recognition enabled IVR application and tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have invaded the Speech Recognition market with their cloud based AI Speech Recognisers and are challenging the privileged position of a few vendors who have traditionally serviced the contact centre industry. However, for contact centre operations it’s not a simple matter of plugging in your cloud based speech recogniser of choice and everything ‘just works’. When exposing the contact centre to cloud AI Speech Recognition the expertise and best practice required to create a successful application or ‘voice bot’ remains essential.

Voice bots in high volume customer facing environments still require structured application development underpinned by a carefully designed Voice User Interface and integration with 3rd party and host systems. You’ll also need to incorporate your business rules and security protocols and provide an engaging, efficient and conversational caller experience.

ICR has been designing and delivering self-service Speech Recognition applications for over 15 years and way before anyone had heard of a ‘voice bot’; we are independent experts in the design and delivery of Speech Recognition applications for the world’s leading customer contact platforms. Building on our extensive experience we’ve developed a suite of products, services and an approach which open the doors to Cloud Based AI Speech Recognition for the contact centre and ensure your customer’s ‘voice bot’ expectations are met.

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